Youth Stat is a school-based intervention program that seeks to reduce justice involvement and improve health and wellness outcomes of students from elementary to post-secondary education. This initiative is a collaboration that includes the City of New Haven Youth Services Department, the New Haven Board of Education, city social services agencies, mental health professionals, community partners, and parents.  Using a data-driven intervention model, the goal is to improve school engagement and academic performance among program-involved youth. Youth Stat identifies youth and connects them to a network of services that are specifically targeted to their individual needs.

Participant Criteria

1. A high risk for school disengagement and/or juvenile or criminal justice involvement

2. Poor academic performance, specifically (D’s and F’s) in reading and math

3. Multiple suspensions and/or expulsions

4. Chronic truancy and absences

5. Exposure to trauma or violence 

What is Youth Stat?


Hygiene Baskets 
Utility Bills

Basic Needs

Reading Advancement Program (RAP)

Peer Tutoring

Resource Classes

Credit Recovery

School Psychologist

School Social Worker

SPED Advocate

Youth Stat Summer School

SPED Advocate

Career Pathways TECH Collaborative

Drop-Out Prevention Specialists

Next Move Mentors & Tutors

VETTS Mentors

Phenomenal I Am Mentors

Street Outreach Workers

Juvenile Review Board

Care Coordination

New Haven Housing Authority

Youth Stat Employment

Employment Matching

Gang Intervention

Case Management

Community Based Supports

Rapid Access Assessments

ALIVE Trauma Therapy

Substance Abuse Treatment


Social Workers

School Counselors

Mental Health Supports

Executive Team

Director of Youth Services, Liaison to the Board of Education

Mayor’s Office City of New Haven

Jason Bartlett

Chief of Youth, Family and Community Engagement

Office of Youth, Family and Community Engagement

Gemma Joseph Lumpkin

Supervisor of Youth Development and Engagement

New Haven Public Schools

Office of Youth, Family and Community Engagement

Kermit Carolina

Youth Stat & VEOCI Program Manager

City of New Haven, Board of Education, Grey Wall Software

Shaleah Williams

Youth Stat is not a nonprofit or a specific group of people providing services to youth. Rather, Youth Stat is the collective community working together communicating and collaborating on behalf of our youth to bring them through their next challenge and offer a safe space for successful outcomes. To ensure success, our already dedicated teams will need to consistently communicate and collaborate to contribute to the needs of our youth.

What Makes Youth Stat Successful?

School Based/Academic Supports